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  • Vision
  • Create new concept and realizes it in trendy product, by timely R&D and fast moving marketing
  • Make this conceptual product as a market standard
  • Profile

    Founded in November 2006
    Main Office: Seoul, Korea
    2 Subsidaries in USA, France
    3 Branches in Europe

    UK, Italy, Russia

    Current Main Business

    Flat Satellite Antenna
    Digital Wireless Solution

    CEO Message

    Today we are presented by an amazing array of new technological
    innovations that span so many new areas. the speed of these advances can be
    quite confusing and so I believe it is vitally important to understand
    what our customers say to us. I am always asking my team to be bold in their creativity
    but be attentive to your needs.

    We at I DO IT want to lead in this innovation with smart products that are easy to use.
    At the forefront of our work today is our excellence in the field of wireless transmission and
    so we are proud to announce the launch of th world’s first Full HD Sender.
    The HD FLOW joins our other success -SELFSAT

    I hope you will agree that all our products are globally competitive,
    well designed, easy to use, stimulating and add fun to your life.

    Please watch us closely and enjoy using them all.
    We won’t disappoint you!

    Seung Joon Im
    CEO and fouder